Pysenka – Easter eggs coloring in Ukrainian style

In the workshop we decorate the Easter eggs in a same way as it is done in Ukraine. This is called “pysenka”. The tradition of “pysenka” goes back to many years and the skill was passed down from mother to daughter. Nowadays also men are participating in pysenka work. Different national patterns are applied to the eggs with a melting wax, each with a specific meaning and significance.

Yana, a Ukrainian woman, will lead the  Örreke workshops. One can use Ukrainian or Estonian national patterns or other personal shapes for decoration. Anyone can bring an empty white egg to the workshop. Easter holiday is in a different week-ends every year, but in Örreke one can study pysanka all year round.

Pysenka workshops are for adults and children starting from age 10.

The workshop was relaxing and therapeutic. It seemed difficult at first, but after a while the batik (drawing with wax) became quite easy.


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