About us

Örreke offers a creative and exciting crafting for participants in every age. In our workshops you can make different crafts using easy materials and working methods. Your self-made product is always practical and hides your own personality in itself. You will take your product with you and in addition a lot of new knowledge and positive emotions. All our workshops teach environmental awareness, reuse and use fair trade materials or local raw materials as much as possible.

Our story

For many generations craftwork has been in an honorable position in our family. My grandmother always had a craft basket next to her armchair and from her I got my very first knitting lessons. My mother sewed most of our clothes by herself. In the school parties I wore my dresses proudly, because all of these were sewed according to the most fashionable magazine „Burda.” Even now my mother sews beautiful patchwork blankets. I followed my family´s craft path and became a handcraft and domestic science teacher after acquiring education in Tallinn´s University.

Second grandmother in our family, Ellinor Piipuu, is one of the founders of Estonian garden ceramics and her works are decorating many homes and gardens in Estonia. Beautiful figures, soft garden sculptures, commodities and feminine jewelries were the outcome of  her 60 years work. Her earliest jobs were made in the last century, in 30´s.


We believe, that handcraft isn´t complicated for no one, it just takes time, support and at first supervising. That is what we are offering to our clients!

Örreke has been running for 10 years by now. In Örreke you can craft in more than 20 different workshops. The workshops are creative, practical and simple. We believe in recycling and the circular economy. We use local or fair trade materials as much as possible. For crafting, we will set up a pop-up workshop or invite you to visit our studios in Tallinn Old Town or Nõmme. We also run workshops in restaurants to combine both creative activities and a delicious dinner.

Örreke also comes to corporate parties, team building events, birthday or community parties. We will organise a pop-up workshop at your place or what ever place you book.

Why name Örreke

Young birds love to sit on the perch, look down from above, observe and so gain the wisdom of life. People who visit our workshops are also like young birds at first, they collect new skills and knowledge.  At small island called Saarema, where is my home, we used to watch birds all the time. Perch in Estonian is called Õrs. In Saaremaa we pronounce it little bit different – Örs. And this is why our name is little bit Saaremaa like – ÖRREKE.


Örreke’s teachers


is the founder and the chief executive officer of Örreke. Kadrin has an education of a craft-teacher and a school psychologist. Before founding Örreke, she worked as a head of human resources and a training manager. When she stayed home with her third child she had more time to make natural cosmetics at home. Together with her friends she made her first soaps and lip palms. From there, the idea of offering workshops to schools, kindergartens, company events and for tourists, started. Kadrin runs workshops for children and adults in Estonian, Russian, Finnish and English.


is a graduate of Tallinn University, specialising in classroom teaching. Katarina has worked as a volunteer at SOS Children’s Village in Armenia, studied as an exchange student for 4 months in South Korea and half a year in Finland at Tampere University. She is currently working as a class teacher at Montessori School. Katarina runs the Ökopere blog and is one of the founders of RingKarp. Katarina is the initiator of Örreke’s eco-life workshops. The eco topic is under her constant attention. Katarina conducts workshops in Estonian and English.


has a degree of craft-teacher from Tallinn University. In addition to being a teacher at Örreke, she is also working as a middle school teacher. Monika loves to make all the presents for her friends by herself. As a talented craftsman she inspires everybody who is around her. Monika bakes excellent pies and cakes. She usually prepares the snack table for the events. Monika is equally fluent in Estonian and Russian.


Kaja is a crafts teacher by education and has worked in the field of human resources for many years. She has also studied andragogy and management at Tallinn University. She has attended various courses in art therapy and various craft techniques at both the Estonian Academy of Arts and University of Tallinn. Kaja is also active in the NGO Loovuslabor, with which Örreke has close cooperation. Kaja conducts workshops in Estonian, English and Russian.