Dinners with a fun side activity

In collaboration with good partners, we offer a memorable event for groups, where a creative activity can be added to a festive lunch or dinner. A fun workshop to fit in between a variety of meals. The creative activity lasts up to 45 minutes and almost all Örreke’s workshops are available. See the most popular choices here. Restaurants with a nice space and lighting for the workshop are:

  • Restaurant Spot, Peppersack, Odessa, Trofe in Tallinn Old Town.
  • SMAK, Koch’s Gardens near the Tallinn harbour.
  • Restaurant Elsa in Nõmmel, Tallinn

    If there are any beer brewing enthusiasts in your group, it’s worth taking a tour to the brewery at Kochi Aitade.

Until 30 November, you and your team will be able to visit the “Let’s go to Zero!” exhibition, take part in an educational guided tour and attend an Örreke’s zero-waste workshop. The exhibition will be open at the Salme Cultural Centre.

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