Our studios

We come with all our workshops on site, whether it’s a birthday party at home, a team event at the office, a summer day at a tourist farm or a Christmas party at a restaurant.
But if you want to come to us, there are  different ways to do it.

Örreke has one small studio in Tallinn Old Town and one tiny home studio.

Our Old Town Studios is on Kuninga street 1. One can feel the medieval spirit inside the studio’s stone walls and wooden ceiling. Workshops for up to 15 peorsons can be carried out there. There is also a small kitchen and tableware for your use ( included in the studio rental price) so that you can take your own snacks with you. The rental price is calculated on an hourly basis.The catering service can be ordered and coffee or tea is with extra charge.

If your group is bigger than 15 we are more than happy to help you to find another suitable room for the workshop. In Tallinn Old Town there are many rooms with a special atmosphere for creativity!

Very small groups,max of 6 people, we can welcome in our tiny home studio. Our home studio is situated in one of the greenest parts of Tallinn, called Nõmme. There are lots of garden ceramics in our garden as our grandmother was a famous Estonian artist, Ellinor Piipuu. A little tour of our gar den can be done during spring and summer.

Read more about us, our name and our tutors here.

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