Örreke’s workshops at birthdays at your home, playroom or kindergarten

You can book Örreke’s workshops for your home party, to the birthday party held in the kids playroom or at the kindergarten. Örreke’s workshops last about 40 minutes.

Favourites for children’s birthday parties include making marzipan, a bead or leatherwork workshop, soap making, a workshop on wooden toys and magic glass keyring making.

Environmental education can be taught through the birthday party with an eggshell art workshop, making your own paper or beeswax textile.

Örreke’s workshops at adult birthday party

Örreke’s workshop at your birthday is a surprise and also a refreshing and practical activity that adds excitement and enjoyable emotions of doing something together. Örreke’s workshop can be held anywhere where is your party! The most popular workshops at adult parties have been home cosmetics, silk painting or making healthy marzipan truffles.

We held a birthday party for a 9 year old girl and making lip palms together with a professional instructor was exactly the right thing to do at this party! It was interesting for the birthday girl and her guests. Everybody were happy with their lip palms and a new knowledge of how to make them. Thank you again!

Örreke is a nice place where you can do something practical together with your friends in a relaxing and calm atmosphere. I chose home cosmetics workshop to my birthday party. It caused excitement in my younger and also older guests. Also this workshop is very useful during spring time when you can fix you lips with lip palm and smooth you skin with body scrub.

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